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Creating bespoke events for almost 15 years, Social & Personal Weddings speak to Paola Shanahan, founder of Irish Weddings in Italy to uncover the secret to coordinating these unique events in the most beautiful locations and venues across all of Italy.


What is the best advice you have for brides getting married abroad?

Choose Italy, it has all the elements that create the perfect wedding: weather, food, scenery, location, traditions, beauty, fashion, history, culture and wine. Save yourself time, money and frustration, Irish Weddings in Italy know Irish people, Italy and Italians. Trust gut instincts for both locations and people, and ask questions, benefit from our experience and meet with us in person if at all possible.


What is the importance of the minor details to you?

Minor details are what make a wedding unique. Every wedding event needs its personal combination of ingredients, and our approach is how we can make the wedding ‘you’.  We discuss with and listen to our brides and grooms when it comes to what they like and what they are about. Attention to details for us is everything.


What distinguishes Italian weddings from others?

What we want is for everyone to walk away saying that it was the best wedding they have been at. Really it’s as simple as that. Weddings in Italy can be glamorous even when they are intimate. Irish Weddings in Italy offer couples so many options to make it unique. Getting married in Italy is generally never a matter of a single day, but usually a three day event and often enough it can even be the week long. What our couples give their guests is a beautiful and fulfilling experience with the wedding being the cherry on the cake.


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