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If you're dreaming of an Italian wedding, we have great news: you can get legally married in Italy even if you are a non-resident!


Regardless of what Country you come from and what you believe in, if you want to celebrate your wedding in beautiful and fascinating Italy

... we can make that dream come true!

Full Event Packages

Other Options

In order to have your marriage or civil partnership recognized in your Country, you must follow the correct process according to local law. We can help you with all the required paperwork and procedures, dealing with the local authorities.


We have a large number of a tailored wedding abroad packages to suit all budgets in some of the best places to tie the knot in Italy. We offer services that cater for ‘day of the wedding’, ‘month of the wedding’ to ‘full planning of your wedding event’. We can help you with an all-inclusive formula, from venue selection to legal requirements.


For some couples having a small intimate family celebration without any fuss is preferred, for others, family and close friends in a casual setting is the best choice.

Whatever your budget is, our team can organize your wedding around what you can afford. So, feel free to browse the catalog of our proposals and choose the one that better fits your needs.


Your wedding is important to us and we look forward to taking care of you and arranging your wedding abroad. All our options are flexible to negotiation prior to booking and confirmation in written form.

To make or renew your wedding vows in Italy, please contact us.

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