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PRESS - Weddings travel - Destination Italy (text only) 2/2

What are the characteristics of a good wedding planner?

In just three words: someone that cares. Each couple are unique and a great deal of work is required to find what best suits them. A good planner is not afraid of hard work and long hours and are there to answer questions and give advice. It’s important to have a personal interest in the couple and their guests and the ability to manage unforeseen events.


What is your number one wedding faux pas?

Starting to plan everything yourself and realising you are out of your depth with the wedding one month away. Don’t compromise on quality and don’t rush it, make your wedding about you, your guests will love it and enjoy it more. Try not to put yourself under pressure. It can be extremely stressful to organise an event on your own and expect everything to go perfectly, hiccups happen. Let somebody else look after this so you can enjoy the day.


What services do you provide to bride and grooms?

We offer couples a special collection of boutique services to choose from, because we know that no two weddings are the same. Each is carefully considered to provide our couples a choice when it comes to locations, cost, menus, entertainment and finer details. We offer them a unique experience to share with their guests.


Do you also offer your services to guests attending the wedding?

Absolutely, we offer a concierge service to all guests attending our events, from airport transfer, hotel accommodation, boat and train tickets, entertainment and leisure, beauty and car hire. Often they choose to book their holidays to Italy again with us in the following years. Guests can simply tap into our free service which means using us is never more expensive than booking on their own online.


Is this service exclusively for Irish couples?

Following almost 15 years success for Irish Weddings in Italy, we are launching our new luxury brand Italy & Weddings in spring 2015. Destination Italy Weddings meet luxury offering the best of Italy in terms of hospitality, uniqueness, design, style, elegance and glamour.

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