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PRESS - Weddings travel Autumn 2015 - Destination Italy (text only) 3/4

What has proved most difficult in the planning process?

Choosing a good planner. We were not swayed by “packages” and “incentives” and were looking for the right company for us. Before we met with Paola from Irish Weddings in Italy, we contacted many different agencies both in Ireland and Italy. Paola made us feel very special from the start, the service is more

personal and her first mail to us was not just a generic response but was directed towards us as individuals. We love her work and enjoy her personality, the company is 100% Irish, and they are reputable and experienced. This is the level of service you should be looking for. It is a major sanity saver for us.


What is the most important part for you about the entire wedding? (Apart from

marrying each other!)

Marsia: Definitely the church. Even now I get butterflies thinking of waiting on the other side of the door with my father and my bridesmaids about to walk down the aisle to Alan.

Alan: Marsia and the rest of my family and friends enjoying the wedding.


What would you recommend as a must to couples planning a destination wedding?

Pick a good planner and company to work with here in Ireland. Especially a company you trust and one that knows Italy. This definitely takes the stress out of a destination wedding.


Is there anything which should be best avoided?

Marsia: Stressing out, which is not easy to avoid. Having never planned a wedding, I realised I was completely unprepared for the practical realities of wedding planning. That’s why having Paola, someone who has worked in the industry for 15 years and done over 400 weddings, is my saving grace!

Alan: Unsure as of yet of anything but instincts are telling me not to upset the bride…

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