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PRESS - Weddings travel Autumn 2015 - Destination Italy (text only) 4/4

How important is it to have a planner to help with the process and how does

this dynamic work? What is the couples input?

Marsia: For us, it was a top priority. Paola and her team are Dublin based, have the experience and know the ins and outs of Irish and Italian weddings. Between all of us we have come up with amazing ideas for the wedding. We work effortlessly together.

Alan: The couples input is total. Paola Shanahan and her team work around our ideas and advise us if something needs to be reworked from their experiences. Paola is very open to concepts and the potential they have, Marsia and I were very impressed with them from the start.


What qualities should a planner have?

Marsia: Originality, knowledge of both Ireland and Italy, and someone you can trust.

Alan: Organized, patient, stubborn, excitable.


Did hosting your wedding abroad affect your guest numbers?

At the end of the day, once our immediate families are there, that’s all that matters. The way we think of it, the most important people will make the effort. Filling a room is not a priority for us. Quality over quantity!


How to you think an Irish wedding would differ from an Italian wedding, and why did you pick an Italian wedding?

Food, we love Italian food, and nowhere in Ireland can compare to the authentic Italian food in Italy. It was an easy choice for us. Also the weather is a major plus!


Do you feel there was more or less pressure having a wedding abroad?

Definitely less pressure, my experience with Italy is that the living is so easy going. It’s hard to worry about anything when you are in Italy! Maybe just your waistline, the food is too good.

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