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My wedding: Marisa & Jack (text-only) 2/2

The Entertainment

Irish Weddings in Italy chose a fantastic three piece band that played from our arrival to the reception and all the way through the meal, then the DJ took over and stepped things up a notch! In addition to our own kids we also had a few other children coming to the wedding, for them we had two amazing street performers picked by Paola.


The Best Decision

On our preview weekend with Irish Weddings in Italy we saw a range of top notch venues across three regions of Italy, which ultimately led us to picking the most amazing location for our wedding. Our wedding has given us the most fabulous memories, something we will never forget. I’ll never forget walking with our entire wedding party from the church to our reception, in the glorious sunshine laughing and chatting along the way.


The Worst Decision

I loved my Benjamin Adam’s heels; they really looked the part but were not too kind to the feet!


The Beauty Prep

I spent months before the wedding preparing my skin with getting regular facials so when the big day arrived I was delighted with the hair and make-up team Irish Weddings in Italy had arranged. My make-up was very natural looking and I was thrilled with my hair on the day.


The Scent

My scent was Chanel No 5 given to me by Jack the previous Christmas.


The Bridesmaids

From a young age I always told my niece Gemma that if I ever got married she would be my bridesmaid. Gemma lives in London so we did almost everything over the phone but I trusted her taste and loved the result. I only had the one bridesmaid and my daughter Jessica was flower girl.

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