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Real wedding - Testimonials - Marion & Martin, Amalfi Coast

“We decided to get married in Italy and a friend mentioned Paola’s company Irish Weddings in Italy, as she had seen an article in an Irish wedding magazine. So, I set up a meeting with Paola (I was working in Dublin at the time), to discuss our needs and requirements for our wedding in September.


Irish Weddings in Italy responded well to a demanding timeframe (only a matter of months) and set up a preview for myself and Martin to see venues as far apart as Umbria and Amalfi. We landed in Ravello and it did not disappoint. A truly fantastic venue. Paola interpreted our needs exactly.As for all the other things associated with a fantastic and memorable wedding…she sourced them all for us.


Flowers, cake, musicians, DJ, hairdresser, beautician… Irish Weddings in Italy works with the people that they trust, and therefore know that they will deliver what is needed. This may mean that some of these people are not “local” to your venue, but Irish Weddings in Italy tried and trusted people bring great peace of mind (and a quality outcome).


The key to my relationship with Paola was to try and be as clear as possible as to what we liked/didn't like and then I was happy to let Irish Weddings in Italy interpret that for me. For example, I did not see samples of my flowers and church/venue flowers until the day of the wedding but I knew they would be what I wanted, because I had told Paola what I did not like! They did not disappoint, spectacular!! This way of working may not work for everyone, but it worked for me.


Equally, there were times that Paola’s experience came to bear. For example, I was not going to have a beautician and Paola convinced me of the benefits of having Daniela there. A great decision and I would recommend anyone to use her services. She took away any hassles on the day itself and made me look a million dollars (or at least I felt it!!)


We also had other needs in addition to the wedding day itself: a dinner the night before (as many of our guests were flying in then) again, a perfect meal and a great venue (with the added benefit of the fireworks for the close of the Ravello festival!!).

We also had a day out after the wedding for guest who were still around, a very informal lunch at a beach side restaurant (further around the bay from Amalfi). A fantastic day and a great way to round off the wedding celebrations in an informal way.”

Marion Cox


“Paola, Just a quick note from me to say a big thank you for all you have done to ensure that our special day ran so smoothly and to plan. With so many arrangements to make leading up to and during the event I would have expected some setbacks. However, I cannot point to any and as a result both Marion and I and all our guests had a fantastic time. Thanks for everything you did to make the whole three days so truly memorable.”

Martin Cox

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