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Bespoke, elegant and timeless, picturesque Italy is simply perfect when it comes to romance and weddings. Paola Shanahan at Irish Weddings in Italy specializes in organizing bespoke wedding events from a simple occasion to a sophisticated elaborate affair and everything in between. 


What do they offer?

Irish Weddings in Italy offer brides and grooms a unique take on the experience of getting married in Italy. Devising a tailor made plan to suit the couples needs and requirements, Irish Weddings in Italy approach every event with a blank canvas and the view that every detail counts. Having visited the country extensively, Irish Weddings in Italy have chosen their portfolio carefully and offer their 14 years of experience and international expertise which has allowed them to build reputable contacts and a vast knowledge of Italy.


The Preparation

Once you have decided to get married abroad, you should contemplate the following questions prior to your meeting:

  • Why Italy?

  • What is your preferred style of wedding?

  • Where to get married?

  • Who to invite?

  • How much to spend?

To assist couples who are thinking about getting married in Italy, Irish Weddings in Italy ask them to complete a bride and groom enquiry form on a ‘No obligation basis’, which helps both couples and planner with what their requirements are.


Legalities & Formalities

Irish Weddings in Italy take couples through the process of legalities and formalities involved in getting married in Italy according to their personal status, country of origin, citizenship etc. In Italy couples also need a Certificate of No Impediment or a Nulla Osta.


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