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PRESS - Weddings travel Winter 2015 - Destination Italy (text only) 2/3

The Entertainment

We had two amazing entertainers throughout the day, a four piece band who played jazz, fusion and swing throughout the event and a DJ for the afters who played until the early hours of the morning.

The Best Decision

Choosing Paola Shanahan and Irish Weddings in Italy and deciding to make it a four day event which turned the whole wedding into a magical experience for everyone. As part of the Irish/Italian community we wanted someone who knew about us and would be able to relate to us. We wanted someone who knew Italy and could show us something other than what we were used to. We could never have dreamed of the beautiful locations we visited and the standards we experienced, we whole-heartedly recommend them.


What made them stand out?

Paola's attention to detail. She made a big effort to get to know us and was with us for all of the big moments during the days beforehand, during and after the wedding.


The Worst Decision

Not having a honeymoon after the wedding. As we have kids we decided to involve them after the wedding and went back to Montattico with them instead of going away on our own.

The Beauty Prep

I traveled to Italy in October to meet the hairdresser in Rome and make-up artist in Ravello for a trial. My family has a home in Montattico, between Rome and Naples, and the girls and I went to a local


beautician to have our nails, eyebrows etc. done the week of the wedding. We met Francesca the wedding hairstylist and Alessia my make-up artist on the day of the wedding.

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