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PRESS - Weddings travel Summer 2015 - Destination Italy (text only) 1/4

Mediterranean Sea (Sicily)


Located in the Mediterranean Sea in the remote reaches of southern Italy, Sicily is so refreshingly different. A crossroads of Phoenician and Greek cultures, Arab and Norman, Spanish and Teutonic, it stands proudly separate from the rest of Italy. A land when the sun shines almost 10 months of the year and boasts spectacular landscapes and a vibrant culinary scene, Sicily is fast becoming one of Italy’s buzziest destinations.


When to Go

May and September are the best time, cool enough to visit the cities but warm enough to enjoy a swim. From mid-June through August you won't want to stray far from the beaches in Sicily.


Where to go

Taormina is stunningly beautiful and the glorious, ancient palazzos and Norman churches in Palermo are worth a see also. Once in Palermo take a wine tour at Picone, the best enoteca on the island. Check out the handsome southern towns of Ragusa and Modica and a string of deserted beaches near Menfi.

Walk Scicli and Noto with their labyrinthine passageways swirling down the steep sides of a ravine, ending at the dry bed of the river that runs through the centre of town.

To the north, Etna is worth seeing while to the south, don’t miss Syracuse’s dazzling ancient Greek ruins and the old sea town of Ortygia. Don’t forget to visit Cefalù, just an hour’s drive east along the coast.



Comprising of 800 years of Sicilian history in each mouthful, desserts here are second to none. Made from almonds and honey, garnished with swirls of cream and sugar on top, each sweet offering is as delicious as the next. Sample traditional sweets like cassata and cannoli, as well as gelati and the incomparable granita, Visitors can experience a mix of flavours of the countryside, especially thyme, with cream, sugar, vegetables, and fruits. Ensure you try some Zabaglione, a traditional Italian dessert.


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