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Our story: over 20 Years in business and still Happily Ever After

When we started, back on August 8th 2000, we could never have imagined how challenging and rewarding the journey would be for us. Back then we had no website, no name, just a great knowledge of Italy, leisure travel and food.  Since then it has always been about Irish couples and couples all over the world with Irish connections going to Italy to have the time of their lives irrespective of their wedding is small, big, fancy, on a budget, by the beach, in the countryside, city or off-the-beaten-track.

The idea of getting married in Italy for our couples and us is to have fun, to enjoy Italy, do something different and beautiful and bring back tons of great memories to share with those who could not make it there. In Ireland we know how to have fun, we know how to throw a good party and Italy makes it the perfect alternative to a home wedding. Italy has the weather, the views, the food, the wine, the welcome and authenticity and it's within a 3-hour flight. 


Between August 4th and August 8th 2014 our youngest member of team IWIT, just gone 18 years old, put together 'A week in the life of Irish Weddings in Italy' using just the images and videos he shot from his own mobile phone.

By stringing together moments of that week he managed to create a beautiful and simple narrative of 3 of our events and catch a little of us there, too.


We enjoyed it and we hope you enjoy it as well.

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