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PRESS - Weddings travel Autumn 2015 - Destination Italy (text only) 1/4

The Planner: Paola Shanahan,

Irish Weddings in Italy


Who are you and what makes you unique?

We are an Irish company which specializes in expert weddings in Italy. Organising wedding events everywhere in the Italian Peninsula since August 2000, we take our couples on a made to measure experience and match their style and personality with what Italy has to offer. Only the best will do.


What’s your motto when planning each wedding?

I strive to organize stress-free, personal and unique weddings. Brides shouldn’t try to take everything on themselves; it’s extremely difficult for them to organize all elements of a wedding from a different country. A planner can keep a check on everything in the lead up to and on the day, this allows the bride

to relax and fully enjoy the day without any worries! If you are determined to organize this yourself I would still recommend you to look into arranging a day-of coordinator to oversee the details, trust me - it’s worth it.


What would you say about Marsia and Alan?

Life is meant to be shared and Marsia and Alan make a hell of a couple together; they complement each other perfectly. Meeting with them was so natural and the planning process was so fluid.


What makes a wedding fun?

Without a doubt the couple! While the locations are truly stunning, it’s not about the when and where, it’s all about the mood of the couple - if they are having fun it’s contagious.

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